What is SEO? How Can Do On Page SEO Effectively?

What is SEO? How Can Do On Page SEO Effectively?

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What is SEO? How Can Do On Page SEO Effectively?

“Seo stands for search engine optimization. It is the technique that helps for getting traffic, leads, conversion and turn the visitor into customer from the free, organic, natural and relevant search result on search engines.”

Search engine optimization is the well known and most popular techniques to rank your website on the top search result page.  If you want to rank your website on particular keywords in the top search result, then you will have to choose the right keywords which are near to your user intend. It will help to drive more traffic, leads, conversion, website ranking etc.

Two types of SEO techniques used to rank a website on any search engine, On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Most of the businessman has to need of search engine optimization of their website to encourage their business and make their brands presence amongst the people. It is an excellent marketing strategy that helps to tracks and reputes the signal on the search engine.

In this blog am going to tell you about the complete On Page SEO. Many factors are must to know in On Page SEO that we have to implement on our website. Before starting On Page and off SEO we have to make an audit SEO report of a website which tells about the condition of a website, is it ok for SEO or not, or we need to optimize it. Before starting on-page SEO, you should know the On page Seo what it is. I would like to explore On page SEO

What is On Page SEO?

If I am talking about On-Page SEO, then On-Page SEO is the practice of complete optimizing an individual website or inner pages to rank the first page of search engine’s and helps to earn more relevant traffic, leads, conversion. On-page SEO refers both as well as content and HTML source code of a page that should be optimized, well structured, error-free etc. Lots of factors are must in on-page SEO which given below:

  1. Website Speed
  1. Website Speed

The most factor of on-page SEO is your website speed if I am talking about website ranking, then website speed plays a vital role in an on-page SEO. So your website should be optimized well for mobile and desktop both. If your website speed is low and difficult in opens, then it will not interact with your customer to come on your website. In this case, you may lose lots of traffic. So website loading time and speed should optimize.

2. User-Friendly URL

The next necessary On Page SEO part is your website URL. Your website URL should be clear, readable, easy to understand, userfriendly and relevant with your content. If your website URL does not look pretty and similar to your content, then it may be having the worst impact on your website or ranking. Suppose if your website URL is different and content is different they may be user come on your website, but he will be back soon if he does not get relevant content according to URL. Which can increase your website bounce rate?

3. Title Tags

In SEO title is very important to rank any keywords in the top search result page. If your title length is a good, clear, meaningful, having keywords, then your keywords can easily rank in the top search result page. Title length of your pages, a blog post should be under 50-60 characters.

4. Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are words or phrases that tell about your website content. It is a specific type of meta tags that appear in your website HTML source code, that helps to tells the search engine about your website content. It is a bunch of keywords. The meta keywords length should be between100-255 characters.

5. Meta Description

What is SEO? How Can Do On Page SEO Effectively?

Meta Description is an HTML attribute or snippet in yoast or some other seo plugins that provide a laconic summary of a web page. It summerizes a particular website pages’ content. It is most useful because it decides how a pages are shown in the search result page.

6. Focus Keywords

Focus keywords are word or phrase that actually tells about the particular pages it is a single keyword which focuses on relevant blogs post and page to rank it to rank a blog post or website page the focus keywords should include in your post title, description, H1 Tags, image etc. It used in Yoast SEO plugin, All in one or some else all SEO plugin.

7. Image Alt

Image alt tags also must in SEO like some other tags it helps to index your images in the Google search result. It tells the search engine that which images are relevant of your which page. It requires the alt attribute to specifies the text.

8. Canonical Tags

What is SEO? How Can Do On Page SEO Effectively?

The canonical link tag is an HTML element which helps to prevent your website from duplicate content and helps to prevent from spamming. It helps a webmaster to prevent from duplicate content that is issued by the canonical HTML element. 

9. Heading Tags

Heading tags are also the other most valuable factor of On-Page SEO. They are used in HTML attribute and helps to tell the structure of your website. They help to google to get index your website a piece of content. Heading tags used under a range of h1 – h6 like a hierarchy.

10. Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a code used in your website header file. It is a great way to drive massive traffic on your website against your competitors. It looks like an as rich snippet that helps to rank your blog post on the first page of google. It helps to increase the massive visibility of your website in the search engine and gain higher click through rates that could be converted into leads.

11. Robots.txt

What is SEO? How Can Do On Page SEO Effectively?

Robots.txt file implementation is a crucial part of On-Page SEO. Robots.txt file a text file that tells search engine crawlers which page of your website crawler can crawl or which page can’t. It helps your website form overloading and unwanted spamming.

12. XML Sitemap

What is SEO? How Can Do On Page SEO Effectively?

XML Sitemap is the collection of pages that helps of Webmaster to index your whole website pages in the search engine. It helps to update your website content day by day in the eyes of the search engine’s to boost your website ranking.

13. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the massive and crucial freemium tool of google’s that helps to track and reputes the everyday traffic of your website. It helps to make powerful strategies of your website to gain massive traffic, leads, conversion and higher page ranking. 

Above all is the main factor of On-Page SEO that helps to increase the ranking of your website in the top search result. The research of many types of research and google’s On-Page SEO play 70% role of your website fastest ranking. If you want to rank your website in the top search result page soon, then you will have to optimize all these to quick ranking.

If you want to hire an SEO Expert to optimise your website at an affordable cost, then you can contact with us. We will help you to boost your website in the top search result page.

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