What is Seo and How We Can Do OnPage Seo?

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How We Can Do OnPage Seo

What is Seo and How We Can Do OnPage Seo?

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“Seo stands for search engine optimization.” It is the procedure of getting traffic and turn viewer into customer from the “free,” “organic”, “natural”, “relevant” search result on search engine.

Search engine optimization is the well known and most popular strategy to up grow your business. Two types of seo technology used for generate traffic and take more leads; these are on page seo and off page seo. Every business men have to need search engine optimization to encourage their business and make popular their brands among the people. It is the excellent marketing strategy that helps to track and repute signal on the search engine. Instead of that it helps to make familiar our brand and rank it on the first page of google.

  1. On page search engine optimization – on page seo is the process of using your website internal post pages which through you can make post with relevant content, and submit it. You can do it here with the help of yoast plugin and all in one. On page search engine optimization features are given below…
  • Seo title
  • Slug
  • Meta description
  • Meta tags
  • Focus keywords

For a good on page seo always keep these things in your minds

  • Focus keyword should be mention in the first heading line.
  • Keyword density should be 2.5% – 3.0% max.
  • Focus keyword should be mention in first paragraph
  • Image should be mention in your post with focus keyword
  • Meta description should be mention in 150-160 words.
  • Meta tag should be 65 words.
  • Focus keyword should be mention in sub heading.
  • Text should be contains minimum 300 words and up to more.
  • Never used to nofollow links in your post.
  • Meta description should be contains focus keyword.
  • Always give 1-2 internal links of your website pages that you want to crawl on Google. Internal links help to generate backlinks for getting good traffic.

So with the help of these fundamental you can assist your brand and boost your business in the world market. If you want to take more info you can click here www.digitalmediasoft.com.