What is Google analytic?

What is Google analytic?

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Google Analytic

Google analytic


Google analytic is a freemium technique for getting traffic, tracks and reputes the signal from the number of resources. Every companies and businesses are running around this for their websites brand promotion. The main function of Google analytic is to analyze the website traffic and visitor where they come from? I can assure you that through analytics you have opportunity with any company specially:- e-commerce industry.

Google analytics technique is based on understanding reports. It is the most important to understand that how the Google analytics can capture and how it interprets it is key to making sense of the software.

Mainly Google analytic consist of 3 basic levels that is

  • Pasted JavaScript code on each page of website.
  • Second one is data collection service on Google’s server.
  • Last one is a processing engine that creates report data

What is Google analytic JavaScript code?

Google analytic JavaScript code is working when a visitor come at the page with tracking code, then the code is executed by his browser. That collects the information about the visitor’s browser and computer settings, such as window operating system, screen resolution and so. This script can told only what it see?

This script then stored some basic information about visitor’s visit and hence determines that whether it is a new or returning visitor, among other things.

Data collection services on Google’s Server.

That is the other one google analytic services when all the information sent to the google analytics servers then it processed it. This way, Google’s servers have a record of when a file was requested and all of the visitor information about that page view.

Processing Visit Information

In the last step, Google analytics processed all of the requests, applies filters and config settings, and makes the data available to your account. Google rolled out a set of Real Time data reports in 2011 although the data available in these reports is not comprehensive.

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