What is Salesforce? How Does Salesforce Work?

What is Salesforce? How Does Salesforce Work?

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What is Salesforce? How Does Salesforce Work?

In current years, there has been a big upwelling in Cloud Computing Technologies, and one such technology has had a massive impact on the growing world of computing that is Salesforce. In this blog, I am going to reveal about Salesforce. I will reveal What is Salesforce? How Does Salesforce Work?

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is known as customer relationship management solution that gets companies and customers together for doing better business. It is one integrated CRM Platforms that provide a single shared view of every customer to your departments, for instance, marketings, commerce, finance, sales, and services.

It is a software of Salesforce.com. That is an American cloud-based software company whose headquarter is in San Francisco, California. salesforce.com launched the salesforce.

In Addition, I hope you have understood about Salesforce and now you need to know about the salesforce service and Product types that they offer to their customers. Salesforce offers various kind of services and product in the cloud, mobile domains and Social platforms

1. Salesforce Sale Cloud

2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

3. Salesforce Service Cloud

4. Salesforce Community Cloud

5. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

6. Salesforce Analytics Cloud 

7. Salesforce App Cloud

Above all, Now I will introduce you one by one about these technologies. How all these are helpful in business management.

Types of Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Sale Cloud

As cleared the name of this CRM Sales cloud, we can easily understand that what it does. The Sales Cloud is a Sales based CRM platform that aids you to manage your any organization’s sales, marketing and customers support. If your company is involved with the business to customers (B to C) and Business to Business (B to B), then sales cloud is the best option for you to manage your sales team.

  Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the best service platform for your organization’s Customer service and to your support team. It helps your agents to solve customer’s problems and gives your customer access to answers.

Even then, it offers many amazing features like case tracking and social networking plugin for conversation and analytics. It helps to solve your customers’ problems ownself.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce is the best salesforce commerce cloud CRM that enables your organization to offers unified customer service. It provides a great experience regardless of your customer’s location (Online and in-store).

This CRM allows gathering customer data so integration so that your customers can take a better experience. If you want to give a better engaging experience to your customers, then commerce cloud is the best option for you.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In this Era, the Salesforce marketing cloud offers you one of the most popular and powerful digital marketing platforms. The digital marketer in your organization can easily use it to manage all the customers. For instance, web journey, social media, emails, content creation, website designing and data analytics performance. This CRM is easy to use and can easily manage your team.  

Salesforce App Cloud

Even though, You can use the Salesforce App Cloud to develop custom apps that will run on the Salesforce platform. It provides the collection of development tools that you can operate to create any kinds of custom applications. Some App Cloud tools are Force.com, Heroku, Salesforce Thunder, AppExchange and Salesforce Sandbox. 

Salesforce Community Cloud 

Well, This Community Cloud CRM helps to make a connection between all social platforms. If you need a social platform for your organization to communicate with all your employees, partners, customers then you can use this software to organized the communication. Even you can use this CRM to share the data and images

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

It provides a business intelligence platform where your organization can work with large data files, charts, graphs, and other graphical illustrations of data. This Analytics Cloud is optimized for data visualization and mobile access. 

Salesforce Health Cloud

If you are running a Health IT organization then you need a CRM system that can incorporate doctor-patient relationship and record management, the Health Cloud best for you. With the help of this CRM, you can access patient profile and support one to one relationship by adding information from multiple data sources. 

Salesforce IoT Cloud

Similarly, You can use the services of Salesforce IOT Cloud to store and process the internet of things(IoT) data of your organization. It built to take in immense volumes of data created by sensors, websites, applications, devices, customers and partners. It gives you the real-time response of all receiving data. 

Better customer experience looks like

Hence, Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software which helps many types of businesses connects with and get more information about their customer. 

Salesforce is one of the trending customer relationship management CRM whose Customer 360 can help you better engage your customers through their lifecycle, even after years — you can get benefits from marketing to sales to service and everything in between:

  • Moreover, It helps to improve customer acquisition, lead generation, and upselling prospects by modifying your marketing messages. It helps to deliver your marketing message to the right person at the right time on the right channel using our Marketing solutions.
  • Support your sales organisation with those tools even they need to develop and implement a repeatable sales process, specific, so they spend less time doing data entry. You can also spend more time connecting with customers with our solutions for Sales.
  • It helps to Build simple, unified commerce experiences that help grow revenue, increase customer’s expectations. Even it helps to associate commerce to the rest of your business with our Commerce solutions.
  • Although Salesforce Delivers regular, personalized support experiences across every interface. It delivers from the contact centre to the field and from service mechanization to chatbots powered by artificial intelligence with our solutions for Service.
  • With Salesforce CRM you can Build modern apps to meet every partner, employee and customer need. Even though, You can expand your productivity by automating key of business procedures with apps and progress scale, limpidity, and security with our solutions for IT.

How Does Salesforce Work? 

Moreover, It is a good question on Salesforce CRM that every salesforce CRM user should know about it. Salesforce hosts various cloud platforms which allow companies to cooperate with different data and service their customers in numerous volumes. 

Till 2020, It has several various cloud platforms – health cloud, Commerce cloud, Heroku engagement cloud app cloud, community cloud, analytics cloud, IoT cloud, a service cloud, marketing cloud, Chatter cloud, and many more.

As per the company, Salesforce sales cloud provides companies with the ability to examine contacts, opportunities and helps to manage a team to raise sales. 

Instead of that, the service cloud CRM offers companies to link with customers and deliver top customer service by showing customer activity and resolving issues. 

Apart from that marketing cloud, Salesforce helps companies track customer trips while providing multichannel marketing campaigns, even though their community cloud allows companies to directly interact with their customers and give permission to their customers to cooperate.

Instead of all, it is implement artificial intelligence (AI) into their Einstein platform. It helps streamline the analytics workflow and produce more precise estimating, among other benefits.

Benefits of Salesforce

What is Salesforce? How Does Salesforce CRM Work?

Easy to manage

The second plus point of Salesforce, it is easy to use and management. You will still be able to implement changes on the administration side without a great deal of in-house IT knowledge. Even salesforces help in a learning programme will train you up from user to administrator in an existing way.


It has major USP’s (Unique Selling Points) of the Salesforce platform is its high degree of flexibility. The stuff found in CRM can be set entirely in line with your desires at any time. Being user, you are not tied into some set page layouts, processes, and workflows and makes it ecosystem more flexible than other similar systems on the market.

Countless options with various apps

Apart from cloud clouds we have designed ourselves, the Salesforce ecosystem also contains applications you can purchase it by the AppExchange. The AppExchange features include all kinds of apps adept of supporting your processes such as (recruitment, sales, marketing, finance, etc.)

Trustworthy reporting

One of the most valuable benefits of CRM platforms is its trustworthy reporting which are boosted by AI. An Actionable data permits you to more efficiently communicate with your present audience and also making it easier to reach out to those who take an interest in the past. These reports help in your decision-making process and are invaluable.

Excellent Functionality

Besides, A Salesforce carries with an exceptional system of integration and functionality. The Salesforce CRM provides the prop service needed to allow to easy data teamwork between various departments, an array of reports and statistical options. It can run on any, tablet, desktop, browser or mobile device.

I hope you will better understand What is Salesforce? How Does Salesforce Work?

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