Google AdWords – How Google AdWords boost your business

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How Google AdWords Boost Your Business

Google AdWords – How Google AdWords boost your business

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What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an online marketing advertisement services that are developed by Google for advertising on Google and related networks. Here, Advertisers pay only under a budget for advertising, when people click on the ads. The ads services focused on the attractive and qualified keywords liked by the people. Mostly business focused on that, Ads using Adwords that can create relevant ads and which have high search results.

On the other hands, Adwords ads, that appears under the heading “Sponsored Links can find on the top of the google search result or on the right-hand side. And when your ads are clicked on, then searches users are directed to your website. When someone searches on Google for a particular term or topic, then google open a list of searches for you. Then you will notice that the top and the bottom result are generally ads initialized by ads icon eg.

Here, the top ads that are mentioned as we buy your car-2 hours or mention below that all are Google Adwords ads.

Various types of Ads in Google Adwords, that can be created according to business needs. All are mentioned below:

Images Ads

This ad can be applied only on images that should be attractive, high quality and user-relevant that he/she searched. Advertiser mostly focuses on Draw the attention of users more than 2 million websites by using image ad formats such as static graphics and so on. This ad format is available only for display network.

How Google Display Ads Work

These ads always displayed on the screen with images.

Search ads

When a user searches for something on Google, then the list of ads that appear above with the organic listing are called search ads. For example, when a user searches for “best Seo Company in India”, the search results will look something like this.

Important factors in search ads

  1. Targeting –For instance, your ads will be shown in the geography that you targeted. It should be in the zip code format.
  2. Ad copy relevance– Ad copy relevance – Ads that appear in a particular search topic should be relevant and effective. For example, If buyer searching for cloth product for by something, then it should be on fashion related to cloths not on traveling packages.
  3. Search keyword – What users want to search + the ads, the keyword that you optimized?
  4. Landing page –How the landing page is relevant for the users what the searcher wanted? Did he get the right landing page keywords what he was looking for?
  5. 6. Bids – If 2 advertisers have qualified ads and landing pages, the highest bid will get preference than the ower one.

Video Ads

This kind of ads, display as a video form on the google search and the YouTube and the Google display works. The video ad, is the more targeting and helps reach to the right audience on youtube and somewhere else where Google allows to display it.

Benefits of Google AdWords online advertising

Shopping Ads            

Shopping ad format is referring to advertisers who have a large inventory and want to sell them at the high range to the people than their competitors. This ad format display, as the image of the product, title, price, store name etc.

Track the Audience at the Right Time

Google AdWords helps to capture the right audience, when they are searching for something to purchase on the particular time. This gives opportunities for targeting option for advertisers to offer their product to the right audience at the right time.


Google Adwords provides the best Remarketing advertising tactics to the advertiser. For Example, if a user surfed to buy shoes but he left it without buying the product. Then With the help of AdWords’ Remarketing campaign, you can retrofit that user with a customized ad showing with the new terrific arrivals offers a special discount. In such away, you can re-engage the user and increase your chance of a conversion.

Measure Everything

In Google AdWords, every action could be measurable. Such as impressions, clicks, user spending time on your website, conversion etc. It helps to customize your marketing budget in the right direction. You can easily measure and take a data-driven decision to optimize your performance and increase your ROI because it provides the whole activity of your website audience. So in this way you can measure your Adwords account.

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